Receive a 26% tax credit when you switch to solar power before the end of 2022!

Offer Valid: 11/01/2021 - 12/31/2022
Own your power.

How many times a day do we have to remind our family members to turn off the lights when they leave a room? How many years have you dreaded opening that electric bill after the increased energy consumption during the holiday season? As the years pass in our comfortable society, we are becoming increasingly desensitized to the rising costs that come with using traditional electric energy.

Since 2013 the nation average spent with electric companies has nearly doubled. Your electric company is a landlord. Their goal is to lease you electric energy and then slowly and steadily raise the prices. It is the same as renting a house that you will never be able to own let alone build equity in. Building equity in the home you own is the goal... isn't it?

Given that costs are increasing exponentially, a family paying $160 per month on electricity bills could expect to see that rise to $540 per month over the next 25 years. This will total out to about $90,700 over that time in just electricity bills. If the family invests in solar energy this would be reduced to $47,800, a reduction of nearly 50%.

While electricity costs have steadily risen, the average price of solar has decreased 70% since 2010.

It's no secret that fossil fuels are in finite supply. Eventually, the world is going to have to find another solution. One of those solutions is available to people now, and that is solar energy.

Thinking about the future of the planet and humanity as a whole is a really overwhelming thing for anyone to wrap their brain around. Saving money, however, is a much simpler idea to digest. Right now, the federal government is offering a whopping 26% tax credit to qualifying solar system owners. This tax credit will decrease to 22% in 2023 and will be eliminated by 2024.

Wyoming passed a legislation in 2001 earning you a check for all of your unused solar energy at the beginning of each calendar year. When was the last time your energy company wrote you a check?

To recap, by investing in a solar energy system you will

  • ​Build Equity in your home.
  • Save money on electricity.
  • Contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Save on your tax bill.
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