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About Us

Blue is about people helping people

This isn’t just business, this is life. We want to spend our time, energy and money doing meaningful things that make a difference for the people and places we care about.

At heart, we’re optimists

We’re optimists, in part because Blue has a super positive culture and that’s who we attract, but mostly because every day we see the difference that one person can make, in his or her own life, family and community.

Every day, we see people take first steps towards a better financial future. Every day, we see our teammates doing sweet and unexpected things for others. Every day, we see people face tough life circumstances and triumph in finding a way to move forward. Every day, we see how kindness, creative problem solving, and a little bit of help can change someone’s life.

And we feel what it’s like, we feel the true power of being part of an organization that genuinely wants to do good, believes we can accomplish more together, and then makes it happen. That’s why we invest in your pursuit of life.


Blue World Headquarters Opens in January 2021
The Blue Diamond Center Branch opens in December 2020
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