Cheyenne Habilitation & Therapeutic Center, Inc.

Cheyenne Habilitation & Therapeutic Center, Inc.


Non-Profit/Foundations Human Services Organization

About Us

Cheyenne Habilitation and Therapeutic Center, Inc. provides a nurturing environment and quality individualized services which reflect the strengths, abilities, needs and preferences of the participants, and which offer encouragement, support, and an enhanced quality of life to any person whom we serve, including placing them independently, to the best of their ability, within the community. We support the rights of participants to be productive members of society, and provide participants with the provision required in order to either reside with their families, or reside independently within the community. We are committed to continually reviewing the effectiveness of our services and the efficiency of our methods by obtaining feedback from individuals receiving services, their families, and members of the community, in order to implement necessary improvements and adjustments to said services. We promote and are committed to both the personal growth and development of our participants, and a healthy respect of diversity within our community.


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