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Cheyenne LEADS is proud to be celebrating over 30 years of economic development in the community. The community and their membership has made it all possible.

During the bust period in the mid ‘80s local leaders decided that if Cheyenne and Laramie County were to thrive the community would have to take matters into its own hands. There were no resources available from outside sources, including the State of Wyoming. In 1986 Cheyenne LEADS was formed to be a vehicle for economic development for Cheyenne and Laramie County. Importantly, Cheyenne LEADS was funded by individuals and the business community at a time when business could ill afford an extra expense. But also at a time when the community could ill afford doing things the same as it always had.

Since then the private sector has contributed $7.4 million to Cheyenne LEADS’ operations and the city and county governments have funded another $2.2 million. Additionally the business community and individuals have contributed $5.9 million through the Progress and Prosperity capital campaigns, the majority of which has been used to pay for business parks and infrastructure.

That investment is paying dividends with over 80 new or expanded companies and over 6,000 new direct jobs. The annual payroll from just those jobs we can track exceeds $170 million this year! The capital investment into our community from those companies has now exceeded $1 billion and is growing monthly. Join Cheyenne LEADS today.


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Betsey Hale, CEcD - CEO Cheyenne LEADS
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