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The Best Cheyenne Water You Can Get from the Water Filtration Experts
Drinking water typically comes from one of two main water sources. Usually, your drinking water will come from either groundwater or surface water sources. While these sources may be different, they both will face a multitude of issues that can affect the water between the source and your tap. Regardless of where your water comes from in Ft. Collins, you should be aware of the problems that could be afflicting your drinking water.

Surface water is water that originates in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and similar water sources. Because these sources are exposed, they can absorb contaminants that aren’t good for human consumption. While these contaminants are normally naturally-occurring substances, like biomaterials and minerals, they are not something that you would want in your drinking water. These contaminants get worse seasonally during the late spring and early summer, when the warm weather contributes to increased water sensitivity to microorganism growth and algal blooms.

Groundwater, or water serviced by underground wells, has been known to cause water problems that are different than the ones experienced by your neighbors with surface water. The most common complaints about groundwater, for example, are the results of hard water. These symptoms can include white buildup around your plumbing fixtures, rust-colored stains in your sinks or tub, and bad tastes and smells in your drinking water.

Wherever your water comes from, you can feel comfortable with water from Culligan of Cheyenne. Wh


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