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K9s 4 Mobility, Inc. was founded in March 2012, and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the training and placement of assistance dogs for people with disabilities.
K9s 4 Mobility utilizes a variety of large dog breeds including the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Smooth Coated Collie and a mix of the retrieving breeds. Most of the dogs are acquired from a breeder, however several dogs in training and placed have been adopted through a shelter or rescue. We rely on puppy trainers to volunteer their time and home caring for and training the puppies and/or adopted dogs during their evaluation period. Most puppy trainers can plan on having the puppy for one year depending on the results of the hip x-rays conducted at 7-8 months of age. Once the puppy reaches one year, their eyes are tested and then continue on to formal training as an Assistance Dog.
K9s 4 Mobility trains three types of Assistance Dogs; Guide dogs for a person who is visually impaired, Service dogs for a person with a physical disability and Social Service dogs for a licensed clinician to work with in their professional field.


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