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About Us

PODER Academy is a free public charter school with one mission: To prepare students for college and beyond, through rigorous academic and athletic programs. Students at our school will master the core subjects such as math, reading, and writing, at grade level or beyond.

We believe in direct instruction, discipline and focus. Our classrooms are structured and students are required to remain on task the entire time they are in school. We offer tutoring for those who need an extra boost, and support for English language learners. Simply put, we do whatever it takes to ensure that our students are prepared and ready to compete.

In addition, students will receive daily lessons in tennis and chess from specially trained instructors. Research has shown that tennis and chess have a positive correlation to academic success, and help promote healthy lifestyles well into adulthood. Our students will participate in a variety of tournaments in the school and around the city. We fully intend to produce some of the best tennis and chess players in the state, and perhaps nationally.

Last but not least, we demand a commitment from the students and their parents. We hold parents accountable to monitor their child’s academic progress, adhere to attendance policies, and communicate with the school on a regular basis.

The word PODER is a Spanish word of empowerment but it also serves as an acronym for what we stand for … Proud, Outstanding, Determined, Educated, and Responsible.


Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament