Rabou Farms



About Us

A dose of perspective can change everything. And it’s something that requires stepping away from your current environment and entering one where peace and serenity can awaken the magnificence of creativity that lies in us all. It is this creativity and freedom of expression that helps us to gain the perspective that can help ignite the flames of innovation and progress.

At Rabou Farms, we offer the environment in which this innovation can be born. From a real-life on farm experience, to hikes in a canyon and evenings around a campfire, to just experiencing some long-needed solitude, your team will find a renewed energy that will help fuel progress in your organization.

Our rustic, yet modern and comfortable facilities offer sleeping accommodations for up to 9 and include two bathrooms with hot showers, living room, WIFI and satellite TV. We also offer a full lounge equipped with a pool table, foosball table and bar. In addition, we have a large, full indoor commercial kitchen with 60 inch TV and WIFI. All facilities are fully air conditioned and heated. Other activities include hiking hundreds of acres of canyons and trees, outdoor basketball court, fire pit, horseshoes, air soft and clay target range. And of course, the opportunity to partake in daily farm operations.