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Real Horizons, LLC offers the highest value for money housing solutions for Cheyenne residents. We have specialized in long-term rental housing at fair and attractive prices since 2014. We have been a member of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce since 2015.

Our properties are geographically and functionally diverse. Our housing encompasses stand-alone dwellings, twin homes, and duplexes. We pride ourselves on the quality, features, and location of our inventory. Our vision is to raise the bar for high value and attractive rental housing options in Cheyenne, which is growing leaps and bounds. We know that renting is a lifestyle choice, and may be either a temporary or long-term option. We provide the incentive for you to rent, period.

Myriad options include single family residences and incredibly nice duplex units typically disguised as single family homes from the outside in terms of their curb appeal and folks would have no idea they are looking at a small multifamily property.

Our small multifamily properties, a third of our inventory, have large square footage and amenities including upper and lower tenements’ sharing garages, spacious park-like backyards, and outdoor patio spaces. Lower tenements are often equally desirable as upper tenements.

For further information on our properties or for potential vacancies, please contact our professional property manager, Donna Greene, Windmill Properties and Management, LLC at 307-220-8021 and, or mail us at PO Box 21924, Cheyenne, WY, 82003.


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