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About Us

Specialty Counseling & Consulting is dedicated to serving youth and families in the community.

Our approach is to be involved personally with families and individuals but not invasive, to be comprehensive in treatment but not complicated or confusing.

We believe answers often come in changing the small but important things in our lives, and though those areas can be difficult, we'll provide support and guidance.

We also believe that it is not only important to provide quality services to families but equally important to provide such services as openly and conveniently as possible to clients.

We do not attempt to ''fix'' families or individuals nor do we see ourselves as the sole ''experts,'' but rather we have a joint approach to work with clients in designing goals and a counseling approach that we both can take ownership from.

We also are more than glad to provide counseling to you within the context of your home or community as this tends to be more comfortable to most. If desired, counseling can be provided at our office.


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