Wyoming Taxpayers Association



About Us

The Wyoming Taxpayers Association (WTA) is a statewide private nonprofit 501(c)(4) corporation. Since 1937, the WTA has provided the essential connection and information source between the State’s taxpayers and the Legislature—between what’s important to you and what the public needs to know. The Association’s unique mission of advocating sound tax policy for a healthy Wyoming economy has earned it the respect of taxpayers and public officials alike.

Our Mission

To promote sound tax policy for a healthy Wyoming economy.

Our Vision

Maintain role as preeminent tax policy think-tank in Wyoming and authority on tax issues affecting business and citizens. Promotion of a strong, sustainable, fiscal policy for the future of the state of Wyoming.

Our Philosophy

To support a tax system that stands up to the Cornerstones of Taxation – one that is Justified, Equitable, Stable, and Transparent for both individuals and businesses in Wyoming.
To provide resources to support a well-informed public dialogue on tax and public expenditure issues.
To advocate for data driven tax policy that supports economic diversification.
To drive solutions in a collaborative way.