Behavior Care Specialists

About Us

The Wyoming program operates as a collaborative team, which may include the child (client), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), the Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), the center coordinator, families and other providers. Through this team approach, clinical quality and ethical practice are emphasized with particular focus on open communication and transparency among team members. Families are kept informed of their child’s treatment regarding intervention strategies, progress, barriers to treatment, etc. in an effort to put the needs of the client and the family at the forefront of treatment implementation and decision-making. Also, unlike some other ABA programs offering services in Wyoming, the BCBAs are present on-site to provide in-person parent and staff training. The programs in Casper and Cheyenne have merged in order provide services to the Wyoming community as one cohesive team. The program provides in-home, in-school, virtual (as appropriate for the learner) and community services to children, families and schools in Casper and Cheyenne primarily, with the availability and willingness to provide virtual services (as appropriate) to additional parts of Wyoming as well. In-center services are offered in Cheyenne only. Services offered include direct behavior therapy, parent training, social groups, staff training (e.g., school personnel, respite providers, etc.), skills assessment, toilet training and consultation services.