Centennial Lending, LLC



About Us

Centennial Lending is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) endeavoring to be the primary lending solution for our partners and all borrowers. We are owned by 24 credit unions and partner with dozens more to provide residential mortgages, commercial loans, and lease services to our partner credit union and their members.

As a CUSO we are committed to the same cooperative ideal on which credit unions were founded. The success of this ideal remains largely dependent on the strength of the relationship, working only when all partners have a vested interest in shared success and are willing and able to participate in this effort. Because of this, we are highly driven to help our partners and their members succeed.

Centennial Lending provides expert lending solutions, competitive products, and outstanding service, and is committed to building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with consumers, our credit union partners, and our community. Most importantly, our credit union relationships allow us to meet a wide variety of borrower’s needs.

We serve the following areas: Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Iowa, Idaho, New Mexico and Nebraska.